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MDMA explained by cats.

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MDMA explained by cats.


MDMA is easy enough to understand by simply using words. However, as this is the internet and you clicked on this link, we’re going to make it fun for you, by explaining it with cats.


giphy (8).gif


Here we go!


To understand how MDMA works you’ll need to understand neurotransmitters and what they do. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that relay information throughout your body while controlling things like your reflexes, mood and memory.


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The neurotransmitter serotonin controls your appetite, memory, sleep, learning and mood. Serotonin is naturally released when something good happens to you, like winning a prize or falling in love. Put simply it is what allows you to feel naturally happy.


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When you take MDMA, it triggers the cells that produce serotonin releasing far more of the neurotransmitter than your body is used to. When this happens you begin to feel a rush comparable to extreme happiness, love and excitement. If you’ve used MDMA before, you’ll know what this feels like.


giphy (1).gif


MDMA also triggers the cells that produce dopamine and norepinephrine, which increases feelings of happiness, empathy and the inability to sleep. This is what makes you want to dance all night.


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On average, this feeling will last about 3 - 8 hours, during which time your brain is working hard to destroy all the excess serotonin it has created.


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As MDMA produces so much serotonin, your brain often overshoots and destroys more serotonin than it needs to. Low levels of serotonin can cause depression, irritability and lethargy, the feelings most associated with an infamous comedown.  


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Lab tests have found that constant and long-term use of MDMA can permanently damage the endings of the brain cells involved in the release of serotonin.


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So while MDMA can still be used safely in controlled conditions should you choose to use it, please be safe. Stay healthy, drink lots of water, take your supps and be sure to take long breaks between rolls. Because really, you don’t want to end up looking like this:


giphy (5).gif


When you could be waking up like this:


giphy (9).gif

Much love, The RaveBOX Team :)



Vitoria Giatti Mahlmann - Comment
Vitoria Giatti Mahlmann23 Nov 2017Reply
Made my day hahahahaha! Tks! I am sending to all my rave friends *---*
marek - Comment
marek23 Nov 2017Reply
Haha glad you like! Thanks for reaching out :)

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