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5 tips for the perfect 'morning after.'

 by Benedict K-C on  |
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5 Ways to give yourself the perfect 'morning after.'


If you’re the sort of person who enjoys having a big weekend once in a while, then I'm guessing you don’t have the patience for a comedown and will do anything to avoid one.


The mix of natural ingredients in RaveBOX, can significantly reduce the depression and lethargy of a traditional comedown but we recommend taking it a step further. Here are our tips on how to land softly on a Sunday morning.


1. Preparation.

Before your big weekend, do a bit of basic preparation that will make the next morning a much lighter affair. Good diet and exercise is always beneficial but becomes increasingly important in the lead up to your big night. Be conscious during the week, eat well, drink plenty of water, prepare the mind body and soul for the debauchery ahead!


On the night of, take your pre-party sachet before you head out and make sure to leave two glasses of water waiting for you at home or wherever you’ll be staying. Why two? One to wash down your sleep aid sachet to help you doze off and one to quench your thirst when you wake up.


This is extremely important if you’ve also been ingesting alcohol, hydration is key, even throughout the night, this along with RaveBOX will help you recover much faster. A bit of preparation also goes a long way for our next tip...

2. Breakfast.

Once you’re sufficiently hydrated you’re going to want to put something in your stomach that isn’t vitamins and fluids. Get started the day before and buy yourself some nice bread, eggs, fresh avocado and some delicious, restorative bacon.


The idea of a delicious breakfast (or brunch by the time you get up) waiting for you is all you need to get you out of bed and continue to curb the feelings of lethargy that can plague a comedown. If you don’t think you’ll be bothered to cook after your night, budget to go out for brunch or stay at home with some Uber Eats.

3. Daylight.

You may have spent the night fascinated by the moon, but in the morning the sun is your best friend now that old Luna has retreated. While your body is soaking up the goodness from RaveBOX, we recommend stepping outside and scoring some vitamin D for free.


Get some sun and fresh air at the local park or catch some rays by a pool or on the balcony. If it’s too cold, or you can’t face the outdoors, simply draw the curtains back and enjoy the natural light. Remember it’s all about recovery, do everything possible to help yourself out

4. Up & About.

Usually, the idea of getting out would seem ridiculous when you’re coming down, but with RaveBOX you’ll find you have extra strength and we recommend taking full advantage of it by going out and staying busy.


Some light physical activity like walking the dog or shooting some hoops will give you a much needed boost of endorphins and keep your mind occupied. If you can’t get out, have a task planned at home such as some Spring cleaning or organising to keep you occupied and give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

5. Friends.

While the 5-HTP and green tea extract in your recovery sachet will be staving off possible feelings of depression, nothing fights the blues better than your nearest and dearest.


Enjoy any of the aforementioned tips with them; have some brunch, sit in the sun and move around with the people you’re most comfortable with. Bonus points if you can hang out with the people you were partying with. That way you can come down gently together and fill in each other’s blank spots from the night before!


Smashing a rave shouldn’t have to come at the expense of a woeful comedown, so stay prepared with RaveBOX and these tips and you’ll be surprised at how quick recovery can be.

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